The Tia Latex Shorts

The Tia Latex Shorts

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Skin tight, high waisted cycling shorts, handmade in fashion-grade high quality black latex.

If you are new to wearing latex then welcome! Its a beautiful material that I fell in love with the moment I touched it, unlike anything I'd worked with or worn before. It's extremely flattering and has the most amazing shine that you can really see your reflection in. Latex is known to be a material that you have to to experience to understand, it has a lovely vanilla smell and is actually an all natural fabric that is made from the sap of rubber trees- it's not plastic like many think. 

My latex supplier is Radical Rubber and only makes the highest quality latex that is 100% vegan and uses cruelty free colourings. To find out more please visit their website here.

Caring For Your Latex:

When putting on your latex you want to make sure you have no rings on as metal can stain some lighter coloured latex, and if you have long sharp nails you may want to wear light gloves. You'll want to use talc or a silicone spray (I use Pjur Latex Shiner Spray) so that the latex can glide on easier. Latex is meant to be really tight and feel like a second skin so don't be alarmed that it's difficult to squeeze into!

Do not expose your latex to UV or sunlight as this can discolour it and oils, grease and solvent can also weaken the material.

If you are allergic to latex please do not attempt to wear it!!

To wash:

DO NOT TUMBLE DRY. DO NOT MACHINE WASH. Wash in warm clean water with no detergent, pat off water with a towel and dry flat. When storing your latex you'll want to dust the layers with talcum powder and I also wrap mine in tissue paper for safekeeping.

To shine your latex and get it to have that mirror reflection, use that same silicone spray that you can find in Ann Summers, Love Hunny etc. or online.

Enjoy! You're gunna love it :)


IMPORTANT: In the notes on your cart page please give your measurements (Bust, Waist and Hips, check out the How To Measure guide) so that the latex can be made to fit you snug.

All Beasha garments are handmade to order with love by Bea so please allow 2-3 weeks for production.