Final Graduate Collection.

Taking Inspiration from the movement or the body, process of dance and choreographed poses against graphic elements and colour of modernism paintings.
MUA: Anna Jones
Photography: Saskia Kovandzich
Fashion and Styling: Bea Stoneham

blonde girl in red knitted jumper and pale pink organdie organic trousers stands over camera with magent heeled bootsa shoes
three girls, one black with aftro, one white and blonde, one pale brunette with eyes closed and heads on top of eachother like totum pole at sunset

girl stood in field in england summer grass with large knitted and embroidered jumper on with red makeup and brunette hair

three models in field wearing dark blue trench coat, red boots, pink organdie trousers, knitted trousers, large embroidered jumper and navy spiral pants

Trousers and Trench: Beasha Studios
Knitted Jumper: Looph
Photographer: Christiana Paschali
Model: Esmeralda 

polaroid of asian model wearing large blue trench coat with black hair and dark firnge in jungle with leaves  asian girl in cream jumper and light pale pink organza organdie trousers stands in conservatory green house jungle room with plants surrounding her