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girl with pink hair and yellow soft tulle layered dress

Welcome to Beasha, an independent made-to-order label where I, Bea, create little pieces of art in the form of clothes.  Inspired by art, literature and my passion for creating those looks that make you feel heavenly.  Sewing was the first thing I remember falling in love with - how you could make anything you like and lose yourself in the craftsmanship. Beasha allows me to make these pieces for you all as well. 

Fashion should have depth and make you feel something. In the case of Beasha, that feeling I hope to bring you is confidence and beauty, as well as being more aware of how it is us, the little people, the consumers, who can make a huge difference for the sustainable future.. 

Every piece is lovingly designed, pattern cut, sewn, packaged and sent by me from my Studio in Bristol. Each piece takes around half a day to make. They are made to measure and able to be customised so you know you'll get your perfect fit and be wearing something so personal to you.  It is important to me to practice slow fashion and never compromise on design or quality.

 I try to source most of my fabrics from dead-stock, organic or vintage fabrics and so each of these designs can only be made in very small quantities. Certain pieces are made from brand new fabrics and with these I am very conscious of waste, making what I can with the scraps produced.  

The tulles used for the Babydoll collection are a combination of ex-designer or the highest quality italian tulle made from Nylon.