Sustainability Ethos

Hi and welcome!

Sustainability is such a buzz word, especially in the fashion industry, but it's still so important to know where you clothes came from, who made them and how to be a conscious shopper. So let me run you through it!

Low Waste?

As a mainly made-to-order brand, there is very little waste here at Beasha. By having garments made to your exact size, you'll know you'll be getting something extremely special for you to treasure for years to come and I'm not left with excess stock I have to put on sale every season. For pieces that are made as stock by my lovely seamstresses down in Devon, I only ever order small batch production to gauge how popular a piece will be before ordering more so there is no leftover stock.

The Babydoll dresses and tops are made out of rectangular pattern pieces, meaning the only scraps of waste left at the end are offcuts to neaten up edges and can fit onto the palm of your hand! 

Fabric scraps from other pieces are re-used where I can, to make scrunchies, ties etc. and the rest are recycled at my local textile recycling centre.  

Season-less style

The pieces I designs are made to be season-less, timeless and never follow micro-trends that come and go so quickly. 

This means that instead of releasing large collections every few months, I'll carefully design, pattern cut, sample and finally release a couple of pieces every few drops. This includes popular designs that I've sourced in different fabrics like designer and deadstock.

What is Deadstock and Ex-designer Fabric?

You probably see the word 'deadstock' and 'limited edition' floating around my website and social medias a lot and that because I favour using beautiful deadstock and ex-designer fabrics rather than brand new ones. 

Deadstock means fabric that is at the end of production and won't be re-made, so often comes in very small amounts that the fabric suppliers sell on rather than chucking into landfill. This doesn't mean it of a lower quality, just that for a number of reasons the production has stopped.

This does mean that quite often when I release a new piece, it will only be around for a small amount of time as I'm unable to re-order than same fabric. However, if the piece has been super popular I will search high and low for a similar fabric to offer!

'Ex-designer' fabrics are extra special and I sometimes come across the most incredible, bespoke fabrics that have been made for a high end brand that I'm able to get the remaining few rolls of - I love these as I know the quality is going to incredible and each one is so unique!

What about the tulle? 

I have tried and tested almost every tulle on the market and my findings have led me to make some hard decisions. I use three different types of tulle, some being made here in the UK, some made in Italy and then some made over in China.

The tulle from China is the absolute softest, most durable and comfortable out of any tulle I've found, and so I will continue to source it from here unless I find a replacement more local. Your pieces being the best quality they can possibly be is the most important to me.

All the tulles are 100% Nylon, which at the end of the day is plastic, so my goal is to bring you something you will wear for many many years to come (plus they rarely need washing!)

Other fabrics

I always use OEKO-TEX cotton and dyes where I can and opt for organic cotton when its an option, especially for linings. 


Who made my clothes?

I did! it's just me and my sewing machines working away to make your pieces by hand, and if that ever changes (like hiring more seamstresses) you guys will be the first to know.